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Frequently Asked Questions

*These were questions asked pre-pandemic

What happens if I miss class?


Your child’s attendance is a major priority to the development of his/her dance skills. If your child cannot attend class please contact the studio in a timely manner.  Attendance is especially necessary starting in January. Your child will begin to learn a routine they will be performing in the recital and it is vital that they attend class. Missing many classes will put your child at a disadvantage, for they will be unable to keep up with the choreography. A great number of absences will put your child at risk of being removed from the dance.


Is there a specific day I need to pay for the month?


Your tuition must be paid in full by the end of each month. A $10 Late Fee will be charged to your account if your tuition is not paid within the 30 days allowed. Example: If paying for the month of November in December, $10 will be charged to your account.


If the studio is closed, can I make up a class?

Studio Closure/Make Up Classes

TKO Dance Academy follows the Public School Calendar as our guideline for Studio Closures. If the studio is closed on the day you have class, you can make up your class during the week we resume classes. PLEASE CONTACT STUDIO FOR MORE INFO.  We DO NOT reschedule or make up classes after January 3rd, as now each individual class is learning their own routine for our June Recital. Make up classes are specifically for studio closures and inclement weather. We DO NOT allow making up classes if your child's absent due to personal reasons.


When is the dance recital?

June Rehearsal/Recital

Our June Recital will be held on the third weekend of June.

Example: The 2018 Rehearsal will be held June 15th and the Recital will be held June 16th.

*Two Shows - Due to the substantial amount of students and routines, an afternoon show and an evening show will be held. Each show is broken up to include either all or the majority of your child’s routines in show one or two.

*Recital Tickets - There will be a lottery process in which you will be purchasing your tickets. Each student or parent will be asked to select a number. The number you receive will indicate the order in which you will come to the studio on your assigned day and time to purchase your ticket(s). Please be ON TIME the day you’re purchasing tickets because we will NOT be holding the line for anyone who arrives late. Tickets will be $25 per person. There will be no limit to the amount of tickets you may want to purchase. We will only be accepting CASH when purchasing your tickets. Recital Tickets usually go on sale in late April or early May. You will be notified ahead of time on when to pick your lottery number.

*A DVD of the recital will be available for purchase. Orders for the DVD will be taken the week of the show.


What is your dress code? 


All dancers must be in the appropriate dance attire for each class. 

*Example: *Tap Class (Tap Shoes) *Jazz Class (Jazz Shoes) *Ballet/Lyrical (Ballet Shoes) *Hip-Hop Class (Secondary Sneakers or Jazz Shoes).  All dance attire should be form fitting. *Example: Tank Top, Leggings, and Leotard.  Jeans are NOT allowed when dancing. Your child’s teachers will inform you if there is any special attire they might require for their class.


Where can I purchase shoes?

Shoe Order

You can purchase shoes at our location. Please allow 1-3 weeks for your shoe order to arrive after it is placed. Shoes are available for purchase at our studio. *Please understand that you may be required to purchase another set of shoes for the recital.


What do I need to wear for the recital?


Every student MUST have a costume in order to be in the June recital. A minimum deposit  ($75 for children in 1 routine and $100 for children in multiple routines) is required upon request in order for your child’s costume to be ordered.  No costumes will be ordered without a deposit. This will delay the delivery of costumes for picture day and for the recital.  Anyone with an outstanding balance will not receive any costumes. It is mandatory that all students wear the same tights and appropriate shoes for their respected class/routine.

*Please understand you may be required to purchase additional accessories and/or shoes.      


Can I eat in the dance room?


There is absolutely NO eating inside the dance room. Your child may purchase water or Gatorade from our vending machine.


Do I have to wait for my child for the entire duration of their class?

Child Pick-Up

All students must be picked up at the end of their class time, NO LATER.  If a problem ever arises and you cannot pick your child up on time, please contact the studio.

When dropping off your child, it is not required that you wait for them in the lobby. Students are constantly entering and leaving the studio so it’s important that we keep the lobby as organized as possible.


What if I misplace something at the studio?

Lost and Found

Parents please label your child’s shoes and clothing. Being that there are so many students, it is not uncommon for personal items to be misplaced.  Labeling all of your child’s belongings will ensure that the item(s) are returned to the rightful owner.  Anything left in the studio after 30 days will be donated to the local church.


When do you put the TVs on in the lobby?

TV In Lobby

From September to December the TV will be turned on for the last 15 minutes of your child’s class for your enjoyment.  Starting January the TV will only be turned on based on the teacher’s discretion.


What do I do if I'm having a problem with someone?


We ask that every student show respect to their fellow dance mate as well as to all teachers & staff. TKO Dance Academy is not only a team but also a family. So it is just as important to have a respectable and positive environment for the development of all dancers who attend our studio. If you ever have a problem with anyone at TKO Dance Academy (dancer, parent, teacher or staff), please make sure to speak directly to your Directors IMMEDIATELY.


How do I know if I'm progressing with my dance abilities?

Evaluation Forms

We will be issuing an evaluation form to dancers in our ages 6-9, 7-10, 8-12, and 12 & up classes. The form will be given out or emailed to each student. This form will be an assessment on the style of dance each dancer is participating from his/her teacher. The purpose for the evaluation form is to individually give each student an in-depth understanding on where his/her strengths and/or weaknesses are in the style of dance he/she is taking. This will allow them to maintain their strengths and correct their weaknesses.



Where can I get all the up-to-date information?


It is important that you are always up-to-date with all the information regarding TKO Dance Academy. If you are ever unable to come directly into the studio or if your child did not hand you any information he/she was given, PLEASE always check our website weekly at There you will find up-to-the minute information in reference to everything occurring at TKO.



Where can I get a copy of the registration form?

Please note: This is only a preview copy. You can not make a copy of it & bring to the studio.

TKO Registration Form

What is the goal of your dance academy?


Our goal at TKO Dance Academy is to present our students with the opportunity to have fun, express themselves, and be challenged through the art of dance. Your Directors, as well as the rest of the TKO Staff, pride themselves on guiding your child to be successful in their dance activities. We believe in striving to bring out the confidence and self-esteem in each dancer, as this is a major key to your child’s advancement. Although we do have a Competition Team, we treat all of our mainstream and company students equally. In order for TKO to maintain the reputation we have established, it is vital that each mainstream class and its dancers, are treated with the same utmost respect and delicacy we treat our Competition routines and dancers with. In closing, thank you again for selecting TKO Dance Academy as a destination to begin or continue your child’s dance training. If you ever have any other questions or concerns regarding anything stated above or if you just have something on your mind, please always feel free to speak to your Directors, Kareem & Tommy. Our motto is, “No matter how great we are, WE can always be better.”

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